Libero 7 Up & Go Pants 16-26 Kg 36'S easy to change

Diapers in the form of soft and comfortable pants with a high ability to absorb and prevent leakage, suitable for children weighing 16 – 26 kg



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Libero 7 Up & Go Pants 16-26 Kg 36'S 

Libero Pants diapers up & go for active and playful children weighing 16 – 26 kg that provides a great fit for your baby with its flexible waist and flexible leg cuffs.
It has a super absorbent core and double leakage barriers around the legs for optimum protection.
It is very easy to change especially for active and wriggling children because of its underwear-like
materials with elastic threads.
It is a very soft and comfortable diaper with breathable materials that do not cause any allergy to the baby’s delicate skin.

• Leakage protection.
• Soft and comfortable materials.
• Keeps the baby clean.
• Helps the child to move freely and comfortably.

How to use:
Pants diapers are easy to put on even if your baby flips while changing.
Pass through one leg at a time and pull the diaper up to above your baby's navel.

Points of interest:
• For children weighing 16 – 26 kg.
• Size: 7
• Not changing your baby's diapers for a long time may cause rashes and irritate the skin.

Made in:

36 Pcs

Store at room temperature


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