Lierac Hydragenist Baume Levres Rose L0044

Lierac Hydragenist Lips Nutri-Moisturizing Balm is a hydrating lip balm that nourishes and recovers the volume while protecting from external aggressors. With a gloss-like finish that can be used as a lipstick primer.



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Lierac Hydragenist Baume Levres Rose L0044

Lierac Hydragenist Lips Nutri-Moisturizing Balm is a lip balm that leaves a gloss-like finish on the lips while it deeply hydrates their thin and delicate skin. With rose wax and shea butter to deeply nourish the skin and biomimetic oxygen to fight aging due to its ability to oxygenate the cells. Enriched with fatty acids, it deeply hydrates the lips and protects them from extreme weather hazards. This balm can be used as a lipstick primer and is available in two colours: colorless or pink. With a delicate fragrance with notes of rose, iris and vanilla.

Lierac Hydragenist Lips Nutri-Moisturizing Balm contains in its formulation:
• Biomimetic oxygen is the name given to olivine, a silicate derived from volcanic rocks, is so rich in magnesium and trace elements that it significantly increases skin respiration. Basically, it imitates oxygen perfusion to provide fully functioning cellular metabolism and boosted hydration mechanisms.
• Hyaluronic acid features the ability to absorb up to one thousand times its weight in water. With the exact same origins as the extra pure hyaluronic acid used for injections, hyaluronic acid by Lierac is biomimetic and has optimum effectiveness. This quality ensures its status as an ultra absorbent molecular sponge. The skin is immediately smooth and its former plumpness and freshness are restored.
• Vernonia Leaves, which are packed with phenolic components, help to repair the dermal-epidermal junction and are also responsible for protecting the dermis. The extract selected by Lierac also acts on the synthesis of water captors inside the dermis, to hydrate the skin deep down.
• Rose wax and shea butter nourish and repair the lips.

• Provides long-lasting hydration to the lips.
• Smoothes and fills out wrinkles and fine lines.
• Functions as a suitable base for colored lipsticks.

Active ingretient:
Biomimetic oxygen , Hyaluronic acid , Vernonia Leaves , Rose wax and shea butter ,

Beauty tips:
• For external use only.
• Avoid contact with eyes.



room temperature

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