Lierac Sebologie Deep Cleansing 50 ml 0128

Lierac Sébologie clay mask is deep cleansing and Refine dilated pores for oily and combination skin.



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Lierac Sébologie Deep-Cleansing Scrub - 50 ml Mask
Lierac Sébologie is an purifying mask by deep skin cleansing for resurfacing natural beauty of skin .
It characterized by creamy texture, which is further enriched with exfoliant micrograins of all-natural origin, easily penetrates the pores to cleanse them in-depth, reducing their dilated and enlarged appearance and refining the skin texture.
The gentle fragrance, infused with grapefruit, cedar, musk, ensures that the application is a pleasurable and refined moment, which immediately transmits a feeling of purity and wellness.
The skin is noticeably refined and more uniform, cleared of excess oil and/or sebum, after just one application.

• Cleanses the pores in-depth.
• Minimizes the dilated and enlarged pores.
• Absorbs excess oil and/or sebum.
• Eliminates impurities.
• Refines the skin texture.

Active ingretient:
Zinc gluconate , Salicylic acid , White and green clay 

Beauty tips:
•Used for combination, oily and sensitive skin.
•Avoid apply to eye contour area.

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room temperature

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