Lierac Sebologie Double Concentrate

Lierac Sébologie Persistent Imperfections Double Concentrate is a combination of two serum-like formulas to treat imperfections and excess oil on adult skins.
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Lierac Sébologie Persistent Imperfections Double Concentrate is a double formula product, with one side indicated to be used during the day and the other one during the night. Inspired by the purifying resurfacing techniques, these formulas are perfect for those who still suffer from blemishes and imperfections during adult life, with both complementing each other in treating persistent imperfections. From the first day, the skin is instantly matte and after just seven days. In just one month, chronic imperfections are corrected and the skin is deeply renewed. With two very light textures, these formulas are the ideal answer for those who wish for a luxurious and complete solution for oily skin prone to blemishes. Lierac Sébologie Persistent Imperfections Double Concentrate contains in its


• Day: Anti-pollution ingredients help to shield the skin from external aggressors in urban environments.
• Day: Mattifying particles help to keep the excess oil under control and the skin matte throughout the day.
• Day & Night: Zinc Gluconate and 0.2% Salicylic Acid help to purify the skin and regulate sebum production.
• Night: Glycolic Acid helps to decrease the pore diameter and to renew the skin texture in order to make it smoother.

Points of interest:
• Applied for oily to combination skin.
• Applied in morning and evening.

• Reduces excess shine.
• Smoothes the skin texture.
• Corrects imperfections.

Active ingretient:
Zinc gluconate , Salicylic acid , Glycolic acid 

Beauty tips:
• For external use only.
• Avoid contact with eyes.



room temperature

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