Louis Widmer Facial Wash Gel 125 ml

A facial cleansing gel for normal, oily, and combination skin that removes excess sebum and sweat residue

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Louis Widmer Facial Wash Gel 125 ml

Louis Widmer Facial Wash Gel is a wash that cleanses the skin and gets rid of the residue of sweat or excess oily from the skin.
The gel ensures deep cleansing of the skin while maintaining its moisture balance. This ensures that the skin does not dry out after using the gel.
The gel contains capryloyl glycine and panthenol, which retain moisture, as well as allantoin, that take care of the skin and reduces irritation.
Louis Widmer's gel is fragrance-free, completely vegan, and is able to penetrate deep into the skin to leave skin feeling cleaner and fresher.

Active ingredients:
Capryloyl Glycine, Panthenol, Allantoin.

Benefits of Louis Widmer Facial Cleansing Gel:
- Gets rid of excess sweat and sebum secretions.
- Used to deeply cleanse the skin.
- Does not irritate the skin as it is fragrance-free.
- Maintains skin balance and smoothness.
- Soothes the skin and makes it more radiant.

How to use Louis Widmer Facial Cleansing Gel:
- Apply Louis Widmer Gel to damp skin.
- Gently massage the gel until it penetrates the skin.
- Rinse the face well with lukewarm water.

More information:
- The gel has been tested under dermatological control.
- Contains a vegan formula.
- Contains 0% microplastic particles.

Made in:

125 ml

Store at room temperature