Lytess Anti-Cellulite Micro Massaging Sleeves Tu White

A black-colored sleeve is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite by providing the skin with beneficial ingredients through the use of microcapsules.

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Lytess Anti- Cellulite Micro Massaging Sleeves Tu White 

These sleeves provide the perfect solution to eliminate cellulite and stretch marks, with a triple effect of removing cellulite, refining the skin, and deeply nourishing it.
Lytess Massaging Sleeves uses microcapsule technology that efficiently delivers the nutrients your skin needs.
Microcapsules are tinny capsules embedded in the tissue of the dermo- textile, containing substances that help burn fat and nourish the skin.
The microcapsules release their contents through the natural movements of the body, saving the effort of frequent cream application.
Lytess Anti- Cellulite Micro Massaging Sleeves contain red seaweed extract, which burns fat and eliminates it from the body.
The sleeves contain Copaiba and Amazonian elemi resin to help firm- up arms, as well as mango Butter and Sweet Almond to nourish and soften skin.
They have a soft texture that gives a permanent micro- massage to the skin, revitalizing it and increasing blood flow to the hands.

- Clinically approved.
- Soft texture.
- Contains microcapsules.
- Rolling massage effect.
- Paraben- free.
Benefits of Lytess Anti- Cellulite Micro Massaging Sleeves:
- Smoothens the skin.
- Boosts blood circulation.
- Reduces cellulite.
- Accelerates fat burning.
- Contains skin- nourishing substances.;
How To Use Lytess Anti- Cellulite Micro Massaging Sleeves:
- To achieve noticeable results in reducing cellulite, it is recommended to use the Lytess dermo- textile for 8 hours a day for 20 days, 5 days a week.
- The microcapsules contained in the textile are designed to withstand washing machine cycles, providing up to 30 washes without losing effectiveness.

- Size: 2 pieces
- Made in Tunisia

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