Lytess Flash Flat Tummy Leggings Black L/XL

Black-colored leggings that help you achieve a perfect body shape and reduce belly fat, with microcapsule-rich materials that benefit the skin.

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Lytess Flash Flat Tummy Leggings Black L/XL 

Lytess dermo textile uses microcapsule technology to provide a triple effect: fighting fat, rejuvenating the skin, and moisturizing.
Lytess dermo- textile has microcapsule technology that turns these textiles into an efficient way to get the nutrients your skin needs.
Microcapsules are tiny capsules embedded in the tissue of the dermotextile that contain substances to burn fat and nourish the skin.
The natural movement of the body secretes the ingredients from inside, reducing the need for frequent cream application.
Lytess Flash Flat Tummy Leggings contain active ingredients such as forskolin and red algae to fight fat, and ginger and pink peppercorns to improve skin appearance.
It also includes shea butter, sandalwood, and sweet almond to nourish and moisturize the skin.
The soft fabric of the leggings gives a permanent light massage in the thighs to reduce and resist the formation of flabbiness in that area.

- Clinically approved.
- Micromassaging.
- Contains microcapsules.
- Easy to use.
- Paraben- free.
Benefits of Lytess Flash Flat Tummy Leggings:
- Smooth the skin.
- Flatten the abdominal area.
- Give a perfect shape for the body.
- Accelerate fat burning.
- Contain skin nourishing substances.;
How To Use Lytess Flash Flat Tummy Leggings:
- Wear the Lytess Flash Flat Tummy Leggings for 8 hours a day for 5 days.
- You can wash it using the washing machine, as the microcapsules contained in it are resistant to washing (30 washes).

- Size: 1 piece L/XL
- Made in France

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