Lytess Firming Sculpting Shorty Flesh S/M

A beige firming sculpting shorty that is designed to provide an anti-aging effect and help eliminate belly fat, as it is made with microcapsule-rich materials that nourish the skin.

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Lytess Firming Sculpting Shorty Flesh S/M 

The perfect solution for sculpting your body effectively, with a triple effect; Slimming the abdomen, sculpting the waist, and nourishing the skin.
Lytess Firming Sculpting Shorty has microcapsule technology that turns these textiles into an efficient way to get the nutrients your skin needs.
Microcapsules are tinny capsules embedded in the tissue of the dermotextile that contain substances that help burn fat and nourish the skin.
It depends on the natural movement of the body to secrete the ingredients from inside, so they save the effort of applying creams frequently.
Lytess Firming Shorty contains Ximenynic acid and vitamin E,, which work to fight the signs of aging and regenerate skin cells.
It also contains ginger and pink peppercorns for the firming action, in addition to shea butter and sweet almond oil to nourish and moisturize the skin.
It also contains a support area for a buttock uplift effect, in addition to a permanent light massage in the thighs to fight flabby thighs.

- Clinically approved.
- Micromassaging.
- Contains microcapsules.
- Easy to use.
- Paraben- free.
Benefits of Lytess Corrective Slimming Shorty:
- Smoothens the skin.
- Flat tummy effect.
- Waist reshaping.
- Buttock uplifting effect.
- Anti- aging effect.;
How To Use Lytess Corrective Slimming Shorty:
- Wear the Lytess Firming Sculpting Shorty for 8 hours a day for 14 days.
- You can wash it using the washing machine, as the microcapsules contained in it are resistant to washing (30 washes).

- Size: 1 piece S/M
- Made in Italy