Lytess Corrective Slimming Shorty Black L/XL

A black slimming shorty that is designed to sculpt the waist area and reduce belly fat, made with microcapsule-rich materials that nourish the skin.

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Lytess Corrective Slimming Shorty Black L/XL 

Lytess Corrective Slimming Shorty, featuring microcapsule technology, provides an effective solution for sculpting your body.
The Slimming Shorty offers triple benefits, including flattening the tummy, sculpting the waist, and deeply hydrating the skin.
The short has microcapsule technology that provides an efficient way to get nutrients for the skin.
The microcapsules are tiny capsules embedded in the textile's tissue that contain substances to burn fat and nourish the skin.
They depend on the natural movement of the body to secrete the ingredients from the inside, saving the effort of applying creams frequently.
Lytess Corrective Slimming Shorty contains caffeine and shea butter, which stimulate fat burning and moisturize the skin for optimal results.
With supportive corrective fabric, the Lytess Corrective Slimming Shorty ensures extra comfort and safety while shaping the back and lifting the buttocks for a perfect figure.

- Clinically approved.
- Back support effect.
- Contains microcapsules.
- Easy to use.
- Paraben- free.
Benefits of Lytess Corrective Slimming Shorty:
- Smoothens the skin.
- Flat tummy effect.
- Reshapes waist.
- It provides a buttock- uplifting effect.
- Contains skin- nourishing substances.;
How To Use Lytess Corrective Slimming Shorty:
- Wear the Lytess Corrective Slimming Shorty for 8 hours a day for 18- 21 days.
- You can wash it using the washing machine, as the microcapsules contained in it are resistant to washing (30 washes).

- Size: 1 piece L/XL
- Made in France