Mavala Cuticle Oil 10 mL 41008 Harder nails and soft cuticles

Blend of nourishing oil that enhances hard nails, as well as soft and smooth cuticles



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Mavala Cuticle Oil 10 Ml

Powerful beauty-enhancing formula for nail care, with a wealth of wide range of natural oils, that plays a vital role in nourishing nails and strengthens it, As well as it has effect in Softening the skin around the nail and maintaining it suppleness, so keeping it fresh.
Your best choice from Mavala for an attractive nail appearance.

Active ingredients:
sweet almond oil , olive oil , sunflower oil 

Increases cuticle Smoothness.
Strengthens nails.
For attractive nails.
Nourishes nails and skin.

How to use:
Brush on around the nail, including the fingertips if necessary (dry, chapped skin)
Massage cuticles with a firm rotating motion and allow them to penetrate

Point of interest:
Easy to apply.
Penetrates skin rapidly.
Safe for daily care.

Made in:
United Kingdom

10 mL

Store at room temperature

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