Mavala Double Lash 10 mL 93101

potent formula from Mavala, that helps to get longer and stronger lashes



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Mavala Double Lash 10 ML:

Double Lash is composed of a potent natural extract rich in vitamins and proteins all in one package from Mavala, that strengthens, covers, and protects the lashes, as well as enhances lashes longer. This care helps densify lashes. It's the best choice to get fuller and silkier lashes.

Active ingredients:
glycolic acid , Urea , Group of vitamins .

Prevents lash loss
Enhances lengthen lashes
For denser lashes.

How to use:
At night, Apply a thin layer on your clean lash, let it all the night (no need to rinse it in the morning).

Point of interest:
Avoid product going into the eyes. If this inadvertently happens, wash away with water.
For external use only.

Made in
United Kingdom

Quantity: 10 mL

Store at room temperature