Mavala Nailactan Nourishing Cream 15 ml for vital hard nail

Nourishing nail cream for nails, that softness it and enhances their resistance to split and cracks



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Mavala Nailactan Nourishing Cream 15ml

Mavala provides you with an effective nail cream, That has activity in providing nails with nourishing
ingredients such as essential amino acids, lipids, and vitamins, that restores elasticity to the nail plate and protects it against cracking and splitting.

Your best choice for an attractive nail appearance.

Active ingredients:
essential amino acids, Group of vitamins, lipids


Nourishes and moisturizes the nails.
Increases cuticle Smoothness.
Enhances nail resistance to split and cracks.

How to use:
Every night apply it with a nail gentle massage, For 4 to 6 weeks.

Point of interest:
Effective for brittle and damaged nails.
Can be applied over nail polish.
Nevertheless, apply it at least once a week directly onto bare nails for best results.

Made in:
United Kingdom

15 ml

Store at room temperature

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