Mega Pharma Ultra Prot.Chocolat

Supplement for individuals who wish to increase their intake of protein 

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Mega Pharma Ultra Prot.Chocolat

Mega Pharma Ultra Prot.choclet contains high-protein 100% whey protein, enhanced with the necessary minerals, trace elements and vitamins to provide immediate muscle recovery during and after exercise providing increased efficiency.

- Helps maintain and increase muscle mass
- Contributes to cartilage and bone health
- Plays an important role in muscle recovery after intense exercise
- Reduces fatigue and strengthens endurance
- Promotes normal amino acid synthesis
- Contributes to the metabolism of proteins and glycogen
- It dissolves quickly and easily

It is ideal for:
• For athletes and those whose main purpose is to enhance endurance.
• People who need to maintain or increase their muscle mass.
• Elderly people with muscular atony.
• For vegeterians.
• For women and men on a weight loss diet.

Taken as a dietary supplement for adults, 30g (2 scoop) daily dissolved in 300ml of water or milk, along with lunch, as a healthy snack or immediately after exercise.

Benefit Or Uses :
Increases protein intake to increase muscle mass.

 Direction For Uses :
1-3 scoops daily or as directed by dietitian.

Active Ingredients :
Whey proteins , Aminoacids , Vitamins and minerals , Choclate .

How To Storage :
room temperature.

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