Meridol Parodont Expert For Gum Health T/ P 75ML

Toothpaste for the daily care of weak gums, as it helps to increase the resistance against gum problems
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Meridol Parodont Expert For Gum Health T/ P 75ML 

Meridol Toothpaste is an innovative and inhibitory formula intended for weak and sensitive gums.
Toothpaste contains a higher concentration of active ingredients to keep gums healthy.
Meridol toothpaste enhances and strengthens the natural resistance of the gums to protect them from gum problems such as bleeding gums and gingivitis.
Especially for its role in preventing the build-up of dental plaque on the gums.
Features a fluoride-rich formula to strengthen teeth and gums.

• Meridol toothpaste strengthens weak and sensitive gums.
• Toothpaste helps protect against inflammation, bleeding gums and other gum problems.
• It prevents the build-up of dental plaque.

How to use:
Use Meridol toothpaste at least twice a day or as directed by your dentist.

Point of interest:
• Meridol toothpaste is suitable for adults and children over 7 years old.
• Store away from heat and sun.
• Avoid swallowing Meridol toothpaste during use.
• keep away from the reach of the children.

Made in: poland.

Quantity: 75 ml.

Store at room temperature.