Mirna Plus Spray 40 mL dental pain reliever

Local anesthetic spray

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Mirna Plus Spray 40 mL

• Contains clove oil, which acts as a local anesthetic for dental pain.
• Also acts as an anesthetic for the skin when removing hair, relieving pain that occurs when removing it.
• Can be used as an antiseptic and sterilizer for the mouth because it contains a substance called cetrimide.

Active ingredients:
clove oil.

• It is used to relieve dental pain.
• Reduces muscle, bone, and joint pain.
• To relieve pain during laser sessions.
• To delay ejaculation.

How to use:
• 4-5 sprays when necessary.

Points of Interest:
• Avoid eye contact.
• Keep out of reach of children.

Made in:

40 mL

Store at room temperature

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