MT Roller Ageless Skin Care 0.500 MM

Reduce Pore Size Smooth acne scars Promote Skin Rejuvenation.Reduce fine Lines Wrinkles Dark Circles.

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MT Roller Ageless Skin Care 0.5 mm

• Derma Roller Gold is a micro-needling device that contains rustproof 192 titanium needles with 0.5 mm length that penetrate deep into the skin and it is suitable for all skin types.

• Derma Roller is an easy-to-use device that can be used at home for your face to correct underlying issues like poor circulation and skin damage, help improves cellular renewal and get rid of acne scars and reduce pigmentation and it can be used with other cosmetics to get the most out of your desired cosmetic by improving penetrating the skin, which is more effective than applying it topically.

Active ingredients:
titanium needles

• Stimulates collagen production.
• Enhances cellular renewal.
• Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Get rid of acne scars.
• Reduce pigmentation.
• Tighten the skin.
• Treats enlarged pores.
• Increase skin elasticity.
• Reduce cellulite and stretch marks.

How to use:
Take your derma roller and gently roll it over your skin vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, rolling twice over all your face. No need to press too hard.

Points of interest:
• Sterilize roller in alcohol solution before and after each use.
• Wash and pat skin dry.
• Do not puncture skin but apply pressure. Roll back and forth in the desired area 4 - 5 times. Switch direction.
• Apply moisturizer or repair serum after use.
• Use once a week for optimal results.
• Replace roller once every 1 - 2 months if used frequently and store in a plastic case.

Made in:

1 device

Store at room temperature