Multifunction Beauty Machine V Shape Jhf-601

Ultrasonic Vibrating Massage

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Multifunction Beauty Machine V Shape Jhf-601

• 42° Constant Temperature Heating Function.
• Rapidly expanding ports exporting deep dirt.
• Three beauty mode:
1- “V" shaping face-lifting mode: Tightening the apple muscles, decreasing the masseter muscles, and building the pointed chin.
2- Acupuncture point message mode: Fade wrinkles to maintain youth
3- Lymphatic detoxification mode: Y-shaped structure to fit the skin, massage kneading to reduce fat.

• Protects The Youthful Skin.
• Improves Skin Problems.
• Smoothes fine lines, dilutes dark circles.
• Decreases edema.
• Smooths fine lines.
• Effective in Recovery of skin damage, improve skin's elasticity.

How To Use:
• As directed.

Points Of Interest:
• Battery capacity: 180mah
• Charging voltage: 5V
• Charging time: 2 hours
• Heating temperature: 42 degrees
• Heating time: 5 minutes at regular intervals
• Constant using time: 90 minutes
• Net weight: 40g
• Size: 155×63×32mm
• Design shape: V shape

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