Murine Contacts Eye Drops 15 ml

Murine Contacts Eye Drops hydrates eye and re-wets and clean lenses whilst wearing for added comfort

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Murine Contacts Eye Drops 15 ml

• Murine Contacts refresh & clean eye drops, when used throughout the day, helps keep your lenses clean and clear and your eyes and lenses feeling comfortable.
• The special eye drop formulation removes protein and fat deposits and atmospheric particles that can build up on your lenses during the day causing irritation and fogginess.
• Murine Contacts Eye Drops also re-wet, lubricate, and moisten your lenses and eyes for enhanced lens wearing comfort.

Active ingredients:

An isotonic buffered aqueous solution containing Poloxamer, Povidone, Polyhexanide 0.0001%,


• Murine Contacts Eye Drop Daily moisturizing eye drops for all types of contact lenses.
• Murine Contacts Eye Drop re-wets and cleans lenses while wearing.
• Provides an extra moisturizing effect to protect the eyes from dryness and redness.
• Use up to 60 days from opening.

How To Use:

• Without removing the contact lens, apply one or two drops of Murine Contacts eye drops into each eye and blink several times.
• It can be used up to 4 times daily.

Points Of Interest:

• Stop using Murine Contacts Eye Drops and seek medical advice if you experience eye pain, persistent changes in vision, or continued redness of the eyes.
•Sometimes the liquid gel causes temporary blurred vision: if so do not drive or operate machinery until you can see clearly.
• Do not use Murine Contacts Eye Drops if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.


15 ml.

How to store:
Store at room temperature.

Made in:
United Kingdom.