Mustela 2in1 Hair & Body Wash 200ml Hair-body cleansing

2-in-1cleansing gel, body wash and shampoo for babies. Keep their skin soft and moisture. Especially for sensetive oily and combination skin.



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Mustela 2in1 hair and body wash 200ml

2-in-1 cleansing gel, body wash and shampoo for babies.
Combination of natural ingradients and avocado, it maintains their skin soft and moisture without containing any materials caused tears during the bath.

additional information:
• Safe for sensitive, oily and combination skin of babies and children.

Active ingredients:
Antioxidant , Vitamin c , plant-based ingredients.

• Shower gel and shampoo together.
• Safe for infants and children.

How to use:
Pour a small amount of 2 in 1 Cleansing Gel into your hand. Wash your baby's body and hair gently, working up a lather. Rinse carefully.

Cautions and warnings:
• Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

Made in:

200 ml

Store at room temperature


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