Nee Face Primer Moi & Smo SPF 15 - 30 ml

A primer with SPF 15 for all skin types that helps to hide skin imperfections



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Nee Face Primer Moi & Smo SPF 15- 30 ml

Get flawless and smooth skin with Nee Face Primer which helps you to prep your skin well before applying the foundation or the concealer.
It helps to blur the appearance of large pores and skin imperfections, giving your skin a flawless appearance.
Nee Face Primer moisturizes and soothes your skin thanks to its unique formula.
It also helps to set the make for a longer time.
How to use:
After completing the skincare routine and before make- up, apply Nee Face Primer Moi & Smo by tapping gently with your fingers. Then massage on face and neck.