Nee Silky Matt Lipstick Feminist

A semi-matte long-lasting lipstick that gives your lips a vibrant color.



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Nee Silky Matt Lipstick Feminist

Get ready for your occasion with nee silky matte lipstick that is available in vibrant shades.
It has a smooth and matte formula that nourishes and moisturizes the lips.
Nee Silky Matte lipstick has a long- lasting formula that stays in place all day.
Shade No.: Feminist
- Non- drying formula.
- Easy- to- use.
- Long- lasting.
- Lightweight formula.
- Size: 1 Piece
- Made in Italy
How to use Nee Silky Matt Lipstick:
- Apply Nee Silky Matt Lipstick directly on the lips.
- Starting from the center of the mouth towards the sides of the upper lip, and from the corners reaching the center of the lower lip.