Nee Toothpick Brow N12 Brunette

An easy-to-use eyebrow pen gives you a fuller-looking brows.



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Nee Toothpick Brow N12 Brunette

An eyebrow pen that helps you to draw and fill your eyebrow in a professional and easy way.
It gives you a natural look and lasts for up to 10 hours.
Nee Toothpick Brow contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E to protect and strengthen your eyebrows.
It comes with a built- in brush for effortless blending.
Shade No: N12 Brunette
How to use Nee Toothpick Brow:
- You can use the fine tip (1, 6 mm) of the pencil to draw your eyebrows and fill the spaces between the hair.
- You can use the brush to smooth the eyebrows and keep them in a good shape.