Nexcare Steri Strip 8'S

Nexcare Steri Strip is first-aid for closure of opened skin



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Nexcare Steri Strip 8 pieces

Nexcare Steri Strips are breathable, thin, hypoallergic Strips that hold firmly in place.
Ideal for securing, closing, and supporting small cuts and wounds and for wound support following suture or staple removal.

Product Color: White.
Product size: it contains two sizes: 3 Strips × 6mm × 75mm and 5 Strips × 3mm × 75mm.
Suitable use in open wounds, cuts, improved cosmetic results, and following suture or staple removal.

• Skin closure secures, closes, and supports small cuts and wounds.
• Wound support following suture or staple removal.
• Nexcare Steri Strips are used in hospitals for improved cosmetic results.
• Breathable - for added comfort.
• Easy to apply.

Points of interest:
• In case of any skin reactions, immediately stop using the Nexcare and consult your physician.
• keep out of the reach of the children.
• Not made from natural rubber latex.

Made in:

8 Pieces

Store at room temperature.