Nicorette Gum Freshmint 4 mg 30'S

Relieves withdrawal symptoms of nicotine and reduces smoking

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Nicorette Gum Freshmint 4 mg 30'S

• It is a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).
• It is used to relieve and/or prevent withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings you get when trying to stop smoking, or when cutting down the number of cigarettes smoked.
• It can also be used when you are pregnant or breastfeeding to help stop smoking, as the risks to the baby are far less than if continue smoking.
• When you stop smoking or cut down the number of cigarettes smoke, the body misses the nicotine and may experience unpleasant feelings and a strong desire to smoke (craving).
• When chewing NICORETTE® Gum, nicotine is released and passes into the body through the lining of the mouth.
• The nicotine released from the gum is sufficient to relieve the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.


• Relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, low mood, anxiety, restlessness, and cravings
• Aid smokers wishing to quit or reduce before quitting, to assist smokers who are unwilling or unable to smoke.
• It is a safer alternative to smoking for smokers and those around them.
• It is indicated in pregnant and lactating women making a quit attempt.

How to use:

• Chew the gum slowly until the taste becomes strong.
• When the taste is strong, rest the gum between your gum and cheek. The nicotine is absorbed through your mouth’s lining.
• After the taste has faded, resume chewing the gum until the taste becomes strong again.
• Keep repeating steps 2 and 3 for about 30 minutes.

All Active Ingredients:


Points of interest:

• The strength of gum to be used will depend on the smoking habits of the individual.
• It should be used whenever the urge to smoke is felt or to prevent cravings in situations where these are likely to occur.
• Maximum daily dose: 15 pieces per day.
• For those using the 4mg gum, switching to the 2mg gum may be helpful when stopping a treatment or reducing the number of gums used each day.
• Absorption of nicotine is through the buccal mucosa, any nicotine which is swallowed being destroyed by the liver.

Side effects:

Irritability or aggression, feeling low, anxiety, restlessness, poor concentration, increased appetite, or weight gain.
Nighttime awakening or sleep disturbance, lowering of heart rate, dizziness, lightheadedness, blurry vision.
Nausea, cough, constipation, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers, swelling of the nasal passages and back of the throat.


room temperature.


30 gums.

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