Novaclear Gluta White Plus Facial Foam 100 ml

A facial cleansing foam that cleanses the skin deeply and helps to even skin tone by reducing the appearance of dark spots.



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Novaclear Gluta White Plus Facial Foam 100 ml

Novaclear Gluta White Plus Facial Foam deep cleanses the skin to get rid of dead cells and unify the skin tone.
The foam contains a mixture of ingredients that get rid of dark spots, which lightens the skin tone and increases its radiance.
It also contains ingredients that deeply moisturize the skin and get rid of redness and irritation, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.
Novaclear Facial Cleansing Foam is dermatologically tested and comes with a facial massage brush that gives you a deep cleansing of the skin.
Benefits of Novaclear Gluta White Plus Facial Foam:
- Cleanses the skin and removes dead cells.
- Leaves skin soft and smooth.
- Moisturizes and soothes the skin.
- Helps get rid of dark spots.
- Helps lighten and even skin tone.;
Active ingredients:
- Evens skin tone.
- Gets rid of dark spots.
Lactic acid:
- brightens skin tone.
- Increases skin softness.
- Deeply hydrates.
- Increases skin softness.
- Soothes irritated skin.
- Moisturizes the skin.
How to use Novaclear Gluta White Plus Facial Foam:
- Apply a small amount of foam to your skin and gently massage with the brush onto the face and neck.
- Rinse the face after the massage with lukewarm water.

- Size: 100 ml
- Made in Poland