Novadiet Bropulin 250ML

Improve the health of the respiratory tract

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Novadiet Bropulin - 250 ml

Novadiet's Bropulin is a supplement designed to improve the health of the respiratory tract. In addition, this product contains a natural apple juice concentrate.
Bropulin is indicated for the treatment of viral infections of the respiratory tract, as well as prevention of such conditions.
Antibacterial and antiviral, antitussive, respiratory tract and mucolytic antiseptics are part of its composition (they favor expectoration and elimination of secretions), as well as plants with immunostimulatory action.

Active ingredients:
Propolis , Apple juice , Echinacea extract , Plantain .

• Strengthens the immune system.
• Helps to expel phlegm.
• Improves the health of the respiratory tract.
• Helps relieve respiratory congestion.
• Helps to treat viral infections.

How to use:
Children (1 to 7 years of age): 1 tablespoon.
Children over 7 years of age: 2 tablespoons.
Take three times a day.

Points of interest:
• Do not take this food supplement if you have an allergy or intolerance to one of its ingredients.

Made in:

250 ml

Store at room temperature