Novalou Baby Bath 250 ml

A body wash for babies helps to cleanse and soothe their delicate skin without causing irritation or dryness.



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Novalou Baby Bath 250 ml

A gentle body wash that specially is formulated to cleanse babies' delicate skin.
It contains a gentle formula that soothes akin and maintains its pH balance.
Novalou baby wash formula helps to nourish and moisturize babies' skin, leaving it feeling soft and fresh.


Novalou Baby Bath Benefits:
- Provides anti- bacterial action.
- Provides anti- inflammatory properties.
- Cleanses skin without irritating.
- Protects skin from drying out.
- Free of colors, soap, silicones, parabens, and alcohol.;
How To Use Novalou Baby Bath:
- It can be used daily.
- Pour a small quantity of Novalou baby bath into your hands, gently massage it onto wet skin, then rinse thoroughly.
- Size:250 ml
- Made in Switzerland