Novalou Baby Body milk 200 ml

A moisturizing body milk for babies that helps to protect their skin from drying out.



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Novalou Baby Body milk 200 ml

Novalou Baby body milk is formulated with a gentle formula that helps moisturize and nourish babies' skin.
The body milk formula helps protect the skin from irritation caused by external factors.
Novalou Baby Body milk helps refresh skin and maintains its health.
Novalou Baby Body milk Benefits:
- Has anti-inflammatory properties.
- Protects skin from dryness.
- Contains non-greasy formula.
- Does not leave a white cast.;
Active Ingredients:
• Calendula:
- Protects skin from oxidative stress.
- Known for its anti-inflammatory effect.
- Soothes and relieves skin discomfort.
• D- Panthenol:
Helps to soothe the skin.
Moisturize the skin.
Maintains skin health.
• Bisabolol:
- Provides a calming effect.
- Relieves redness and inflammation.
- Improves skin health and appearance.
How To Use Novalou Baby Body milk:
• It can be used daily.
• After cleaning or sun exposure, apply Novalou baby body milk all over the body, on dry skin, and massage gently.
• Size: 200 ml
• Made in Switzerland