Novalou Baby Protective Cream 100 ml

A soothing and protective cream that helps to relieve skin discomfort due to nappy rash.



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Novalou Baby Protective Cream 100 ml

Novalou Baby Protective Cream helps to soothe babies' skin and maintains its health.
The cream helps to relieve inflammation and irritation caused due to nappy rash.
Novalou Baby Protective Cream regenerates skin and accelerates skin healing.

Active ingredients:
Zinc Oxide, Calendula extract, D-Panthenol.
Novalou Baby Protective Cream:
- Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
- Relieves skin discomfort.
- Has anti-inflammatory action.
- Creates a protective film to protect the skin from external factors.;
How To Use:
- Apply a thin layer of Novalou baby protective cream on clean and dry skin, after each diaper change, or as often as necessary.

- Size: 100 ml
- Made in Switzerland