Novofine Needle 31Gx0.25X6 mm 100'S for insulin pen

Single-use needles for insulin injection tap on Novofine Flexpen

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Novofine Needle 31Gx0.25X6 mm 100'S 

Insulin needles are made with 6 mm 31 gauge.
A safe and easy-to-use needle that helps administer insulin into the body.
The extra-thin wall technology improves insulin flow for a more comfortable injection.

• Very safe.
• Easy tap-on Flexpen.
• For single use to reduce contamination.
• Less pain and more comfortable.
• Extra thin and easy injection.

How to use:
Attach the needle tightly onto the delivery device.

Points of interest:
• Suitable for all ages and all weights.
• Suitable for use by all adults and children with diabetes although 6 mm needles are best when used at a 90-degree injection angle on a lifted skin fold.
• Compatible with most types of pens.
• Single-use and disposable.
• Sterile (Non-Toxic).

Made in:

100 needles

Store at room temperature

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