Nuxe Aquabella Purifying Gel 150 mL

A purifying facial gel that deeply cleanses skin and reduces impurities without drying the skin.



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Nuxe Aquabella Purifying Gel 150 mL 

A daily exfoliating gel that cleanses and exfoliates the skin, leaving it looking clear and fresh all day long.
Nuxe gel contains plant-derived micro-granules that gently exfoliate the skin.
It also contains a triple plant-derived complex that works to reduce skin oiliness.
Nuxe Aquabella Gel takes care of the skin and regenerates the cells daily without drying the skin.
Benefits of Nuxe Gel:
- Keeps skin clean and oil free.
- Refreshes the skin and increases its glow.
- Exfoliates the dead skin layer in the skin.
- Doesn't cause drying out the skin.;
Active ingredients:
Hydrated silica:
- Gently exfoliate the skin.
Oats Extract:
- Natural cleanser for the skin.
- Removes toxins and dirt.
Tropaeolum majus flower/leaf/stem Extract:
- Soothing the skin.
Nymphaea alba flower Extract:
- Purifies the skin from toxins.
- Calms skin irritation.
Lens Esculenta (Lentil) seed Extract:
- Antioxidant agent.
- Skin softener.
Hyaluronic acid:
- Deeply moisturizes the skin.
How To Use Nuxe Purifying Gel:
- Apply Nuxe Purifying Gel in the morning and evening to your damp face, then rinse with water.
- Avoiding eye contour area, Rinse thoroughly in the event of contact with eyes.
- Size: 150 mL
- Made in France