Nuxe Cleansing Gel Face&Body 400 Ml

A gel wash for face and body together that gently cleanses the skin and is specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin.



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Nuxe Cleansing Gel Face&Body 400 Ml

NUXE Gel is a face and body cleanser that provides effective cleansing and moisturizing in one step.
It cleanses the skin without causing dryness and contains honey to nourish and protect the skin, prevent inflammation, and improve hydration.
Sunflower oil is also included to soften the skin, increase elasticity, and support the skin's protective barrier.
This gentle formula is perfect for dry and sensitive skin types.

All Active Ingredients:
Honey , Sunflower seed oil .
Benefits of Nuxe gel:
- Protects the skin's lipid barrier.
- Helps increase skin smoothness.
- Maintains clean skin free of impurities.
- Gently cleanses the skin and does not dry out the body.;
How to use the Cleansing Gel:
- Apply directly to your skin after moisturizing it, then massage it into a lather and rinse well.

- Size: 400 ml
- Made in France