Nuxe RDM Honey Lip Balm 15G

A natural lip balm enriched with propolis that moisturizes dry, chapped lips.



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Nuxe RDM Honey Lip Balm 15 g 

The 100% natural lip balm from Nuxe has a refreshing scent of lemon and grapefruit
This balm leaves lips feeling silky smooth, without chapping or dryness that can cause discomfort.
The lip balm is enriched with honey, which nourishes and repairs daily damage to the lips.
while Shea Butter provides a rich texture that soothes chapped lips.
Benefits of lip balm:
- Prevents chapped lips.
- Reduces the feeling of discomfort in the lips.
- Improves the texture of the lips.
- Eliminates discomfort associated with dry lips.;
How to use Nuxe lip balm:
- Put a small amount of balm on your finger and gently apply it to your lips.
- If you feel your lips are too dry, massage them a bit.
- You can also use the balm as a nighttime lip mask by applying a generous amount to your lips before going to sleep.
- Size: 15 g
- made in France