Obu Extra Strength Sleep Gummies Cherry Flavor 60 Pcs

A Chewy candy fortified with melatonin helps to fall asleep for long hours.



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Obu Extra Strength Sleep 60 Gummies

Cherry-flavored candy helps improve sleep quality and increase the feeling of relaxation during sleep.
Obu sweets contain melatonin, which is responsible for regulating the body's biological clock.
They also contain L-Theanine, which helps create a feeling of comfort and relaxation, leading to a deep sleep.
The candy helps relieve anxiety and stress, as well as treating sleep problems, insomnia, and lack of sleep.
Benefits of Obu candy:
- Reduces anxiety and insomnia during the night.
- Improved work of the internal clock in the body responsible for sleep.
- Increased sleep during the night.;
Active ingredients:
- Adjusts circadian rhythms in the body.
- Improves sleep cycle.
- Reduces anxiety and stress.
How to use Obu Gummies:
- Chew a piece of candy 30 minutes before bed.
- Size: 60 Gummies
- Made in China