Obu Extra Strength Sleep Gummies Grape flavor 60 Pcs

A dietary supplement candy that contains melatonin to enhance the ability to fall asleep and ensure deep and restful sleep.



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Obu Extra Strength Sleep Gummies Grape flavor 60 Pcs

Obu Sleep Gummies is a dietary supplement candy that helps you fall into a deep and restful sleep.
The candy contains melatonin, which is a natural hormone in the body that regulates sleep hours at night.
So candy, thanks to its melatonin content, can solve insomnia problems and help you to relax.
Obu Gummies is safe and healthy, as it is free of sugar, artificial colors, and flavors, and contains a completely vegan formula.
Benefits of Obu Sleep Gummies:
- Improve sleep quality.
- Help get rid of insomnia.
- Increase comfort during sleep.
- Reduce stress and anxiety and increases relaxation.;
How to use Obu Sleep Gummies:
- Take one Obu candy 30-60 minutes before bed, on an empty or full stomach.

- Size: 60 tablets
- Made in China