OGX Coconut Milk Serum 100 ML

Coconut oil serum works to soften dry hair, strengthen hair strands, and contribute to repairing damaged hair and restoring its vitality.



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Ogx Coconut Milk Serum 100 ml

Coconut oil serum is used to nourish hair, repair damaged hair, and improve the appearance of broken hair.
Coconut oil serum strengthens hair and promotes its growth, as well as contributes to hair health.
Enriched with coconut and egg white protein, that moisturizes and coats dry hair for protection.
Coconut oil maintains hair vitality and shine, treats dry hair problems, and increases hair elasticity.
Benefits of Coconut Oil Serum:
- Treats dry and damaged hair.
- Envelops hair and protects it from breakage.
- Increases hair softness and elasticity.
- Softens hair and reduces its entanglement.
- Nourishes the roots and ends of the hair.;
How to use Coconut Serum:
- Apply a small amount to all parts of your hair.
- Massage the roots and ends of the hair.

- Size: 100 ml
- Made in France