Oliv Hydrating Body Lotion 150 ml

A moisturizing body lotion that keeps skin soft, prevents dryness, and relieves redness and irritation that accompany annoying roughness.



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Oliv Hydrating Body Lotion 150 ml

Oliv Moisturizing Lotion maintains the suppleness of the skin and improves its elasticity.
Enriched with sweet almond oil and sesame oil that maintain cell renewal and correct skin imperfections.
The aloe vera in the lotion keeps the skin soft and hydrated while supporting its natural moisture barrier.
Oliv lotion contains shea butter and macadamia rich in fatty acids that nourish the skin.
Edelweiss flower and olive leaf act as antioxidants that protect cells and increase skin glow.
Benefits of moisturizing body lotion:
• Its light texture is quickly absorbed by the skin.
• Prevents dehydration of the body.
• Activates the skin's collagen.
• Suitable for all skin types.;
Active ingredients:
• Sesame oil:
- Nourishes the skin.
- Helps heal wounds.
- Reduces burn scars.
• Sweet almond oil:
- Skin nourishing.
- Contains antioxidants.
- Deeply moisturizes the skin.
- Increases skin vitality.
• Shea Butter:
- Increase skin elasticity.
- Improve skin smoothness.
- Rich in vitamins.
- Fight skin aging.
• Aloe vera extract:
- Prevent dry skin.
- Minimize and clean pores.
- Keeps the skin soft.
- Relieve dermatitis.
• Olive leaves extract:
- Rich in antioxidants.
- Fights free radicals.
- stimulates skin collagen.
- Prevent infections.
• Edelweiss flower:
- Inhibit the degradation of collagen.
- Protects the skin from sun.
- Activates blood circulation.
- Moisturizing the skin.
- Fights cell aging.
• Macadamia extract:
- Rich in fatty acids.
- stimulates collagen production.
- Protects against dry skin.
- Reduces scars and acne effects.
How to use moisturizing body lotion:
- Use Oliv lotion twice a day, morning and evening.
- Gently massage it to absorb the skin.
- Size: 150 ml.
- Made in France.