Omron Body Composition Monitor BF214

This device help you to check your body fat, skeletal muscle, weight, and BMI



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Omron Body Composition Monitor BF214

This is probably the simplest way of checking your body fat, body weight, and BMI.
Omron Body Composition Monitor will also give you readings on skeletal muscle for a complete overview of your body composition and it will even remember your previous measurement.
It makes everything so much easier.

• Omron Monitor accurately measures your body weight, fat, skeletal muscle and calculates your BMI.
• Omron Body Composition is Monitor Multi-user friendly – store up to four user-profiles and remember your previous measurement.

How to use:
Press the power of Omron and select your profile.
Then step on the scale of Omron and wait for the result to be stable on the display.

Points of interest:
• Omron Body Composition Monitor includes smart design features such as four-sensor and auto-off function.
• Weight can be measured in kilograms (kg), pounds (lbs), and stones (st) up to a maximum of 150 kg.
• Battery type of Omron monitor: 4x AAA Batteries

Made in:

1 Device.

Store at room temperature.