Oppo Adjustable Knee Stabilizer

An adjustable open knee brace that is used to stabilize the knee, protect it from slipping, and relieve pressure on the knee joint.

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Oppo Adjustable Knee Stabilizer 

OPPO Open Knee Brace keeps the knee stable in place.
This support contains a circular neoprene pad that stabilizes the knee and prevents it from slipping.
OPPO brace contains lateral supports that provide stability to the collateral ligaments around the knee.
The support provides stability while walking and doing sports activities.
This brace is adjustable- meaning it fits all sizes.

Adjustable Knee Stabilizer features:
- Breathable.
- Very flexible.
- Comfortable.
- Adjustable.
OPPO Adjustable Knee Stabilizer Benefits:
- It is used to treat knee sprains.
- It speeds up the recovery of collateral ligament injury.
- Provides support and stability to the knee.
- Relieves pressure on the knee joint.;
How to use the Oppo support:
- Place the circular hole in the corset just above the knee and make sure that the two side supports are on each side of the knee.
- Wrap the short strap behind the knee joint, between the top and bottom straps.
- Secure the upper and lower straps well.

- Size: 1 pc.
- Made in Taiwan

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