Oppo Cushion Air Insoles 1 Pair

Elastic medical insoles made that are used to relieve feet, back, and knee pain when wearing shoes for a long time.

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Oppo Cushion Air Insoles 1 Pair 

Oppo medical shoe sole reduces foot pain and improves the function of the sole of the foot.
These shoe insoles are specially designed to treat various problems and conditions that affect the feet.
Oppo insoles provide necessary relief for those who suffer from corn.
Additionally, Oppo shoe soles are available in one size that fits any shoe size.

Oppo shoe soles features:
- Breathable.
- Very elastic.
- Comfortable.
- One size that fits all size.
Benefits of Oppo shoe soles:
- Shock absorbent.
- Reduces foot friction on the ground.
- Reduces arch pain.;
How to use shoe soles:
- Trim the shoe soles with scissors for proper fit.

- Size: 2 pcs.
- Made in Taiwan

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