Oppo Knee Support Neoprene L

A large-sized neoprene knee brace from Oppo that is designed to provide stabilization and support to the knee, while also allowing for comfortable movement and walking.

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Oppo Knee Support Neoprene L 

Oppo Knee Brace stabilizes the knee and provides support and stability.
This brace is specially designed to trap body heat and stimulate blood circulation under the brace.
Oppo Knee brace helps speed up recovery after knee injuries and surgeries.
The OPPO Knee Brace protects the knee from repetitive injuries that may occur during athletic activity.
Size: Large.

Oppo Knee Support Neoprene Advantages:
- Breathable.
- Very flexible.
- Comfortable.
- Easy to use.
Oppo Knee Support Neoprene Benefits:
- It is used to treat knee sprains.
- Accelerates the recovery of collateral ligament injury.
- Provides stability and stability to the knee.
- Relieves pressure on the knee joint.;
Instructions for using the OPPO support:
- Do not wear Oppo support when using heat- generating ointments.
- Hand wash with mild soap, making sure the water temperature does not exceed 30°C.
- Air- dry it away from heat and sunlight.
- Do not bleach, iron, or dry clean.

- Size: 1 pc.
- Made in Taiwan

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