Pantogar Capsule 90'S

Capsules from Pantogar contain a rich blend of vitamins and elements that are essential for promoting hair growth.



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Pantogar Capsule 90'S
Pantogar capsules provide essential nutrients to nourish the hair roots, promoting the growth of new hair cells.
These capsules contain a unique blend of elements and vitamins that are crucial for the healthy development of hair follicles.
The active ingredients in the capsules stimulate hair cells, encouraging the production of new cells, resulting in new hair growth and a reduction in hair loss.
Additionally, the capsules include medicinal yeast, a rich source of vitamin B complex known for its ability to promote hair growth.
With their gentle and user-friendly formulation, Pantogar capsules offer an effective treatment for achieving thick and healthy hair.

Benefits of Pantogar Capsules:
- Promote hair growth.
- Nourish hair follicles.
- Increase blood flow to the scalp.
- Reduce hair loss.
- Increase the number of growing hair cells.;
How to use Pantogar capsules:
Take 3 tablets daily for 3- 6 months.

Size: 90 capsules
Made in: Germany