Pantogar Tonic For Women 100 ML

A tonic for women that actively strengthens hair follicles, promotes hair growth and vitality.



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Pantogar Tonic For Women 100 ML

Pantogar Tonic, specially designed for women, has a unique formula that nourishes the scalp and prevents hair loss.
The Tonic is specially designed to treat the daily hair loss that most women suffer from.
The Tonic contains AnaGain complex that strengthens hair follicles and improves hair vitality.
AnaGain is a natural extract from the pea plant that targets hair follicle cells and makes them more vibrant and strong.
The Tonic also contains Folicosan, Caffeine, and Vitamin B, ingredients that nourish hair follicles, which promotes growth.
Benefits of Pantogar Tonic:
- Treats hair loss in women.
- Promotes new hair growth.
- Nourishes hair follicles.
- Increases blood reaching the hair.
- Improves overall hair appearance.;
Active Ingredients:
- Extracted from the pea plant.
- stimulates the growth of hair cells.
- Improves hair vitality.
- Calms the scalp.
- Moisturizes hair and scalp.
- Strengthens the follicles.
- Reduces hair loss.
- Provides the scalp with nutrient.
- Increases hair density.
- Promotes blood flow to the follicles.
- Increases food reaching the hair.
- Milk protein with amino acids.
- Prevents hair loss.
- Activates hair follicle cells.
- Reduces hair breakage.
- Protects locks of hair.
How to use Pantogar Tonic:
- Apply the tonic to your hair and rub it into the scalp twice a day.
- Do not wash the tonic as it is a product that stays on the hair without leaving a trace.
- For best results, it is recommended to use it for at least 3 months.
- It is recommended to use Pantogar tonic along with Pantogar shampoo for better results.
- Size:100 ml
- Made in Germany