Perfect Life Pre Vit C 11 g X 14 Sachets

Sachets for dilution containing vitamin C and prebiotics to boost immunity and the digestive system.

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Perfect Life Pre Vit C 11 g x 14 Sachets

Perfect Life Pre Vitamin C is a product that improves the work of the digestive system and boosts the body's immunity.
It mainly contains vitamin C in addition to prebiotics, which is the food for probiotics (good gut bacteria).
This product is 100% natural and organic, as it contains botanical extracts rich in nutrients.
The product contains baobab extract, which contains a high amount of vitamin C, that boosts immunity.
It also contains acacia plant extract, which is rich in water-soluble fiber, a food source for beneficial bacteria in the intestines.
Benefits of Perfect Life pre Vitamin C:
- Boosts the immune system.
- Improves the functioning of the digestive system.
- Strengthens the beneficial bacteria in the body.
- Reduces the growth of harmful bacteria.
- Enhances the absorption of nutrients.;
Active ingredients:
Acacia Senegal plant:
- Rich in fiber.
- Rich in prebiotics.
- Improved digestive system work.
Acacia Seyal plant:
- Rich in water soluble fiber.
- Rich in calcium.
Baobab fruit extract:
- Rich in Vitamin C.
- Rich in minerals.
- Improved digestive system work.
How To Use Perfect Life Pre Vitamin C:
- Use 1 sachet 1- 2 times a day.
- It can be taken before, after or with food.
- Empty the contents of the sachet into a small cup.
- Put 5 teaspoons of water over the contents of the sachet.
- Size: 14 sachets each containing 11g
- Made in UAE