Perlamar Aqua Rich Emulsion - 50 ml + Perlamar Hyaluronic Ampules - 15 ml  package

Lightweight anti-aging emulsion for oily and combination skin Perlamar Hyaluronic Ampules - 15 ml 

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Perlamar Aqua Rich Emulsion - 50 ml  
• The light anti-aging emulsion is specially formulated to enhance the moisture level of the skin.
• The light alternative to the cream.
• The Caviar Marine Extract, an exclusive selection of marine active agents, combined with an extra pearl of moisture with hyaluronic acid and urea leads to intensive skin rehydration to cover the needs of oily and combination skin.

Perlamar Hyaluronic Ampules - 15 ml 
• Go for a younger look that impresses everyone.
• Concentrated ampoules of hyaluronic acid and urea for instant firming and rejuvenation.
• All you have to do is apply the contents of the ampoule to your skin before the event or party.
• You notice the filling of lines in the skin and make it more fresh and lively.
• Provides deep hydration that lasts for more than 24 hours
• Light on the skin, it does not cause any greasy feelings.
• Makes your skin free of wrinkles and fine lines.

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