Perlamar Aqua Rich Serum 30 Ml

Moisturizing serum rich in marine extracts provides long-lasting hydration and reduces aging signs, suitable for dry and very dry skin.

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Perlamar Aqua Rich Serum 30 ml

Perlamar Aqua Rich serum enhances the moisture level of dry and very dry skin.
It is rich in natural marine extract for long-lasting deep hydration and prevents water loss.
Perlamar Aqua Rich serum gives a smooth and firm skin appearance and reduces aging signs.

Active ingredients:
Caviar Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Urea.
- Perlamar Aqua Rich serum hydrates the skin.
- Has an anti-aging effect.
- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
- Gives firm and radiant skin.
- Prevent water loss from the skin.;
How To Use Perlamar Aqua Rich serum:
- Use Perlamar Aqua Rich serum daily in the morning and evening on the face and neck.

- Size: 30 ml
- Made in Germany