Perlamar Divine Touch Mask 50 ml

An anti-aging mask promotes immediate effect for reducing wrinkles and fine lines to give you radiant and youthful-looking skin.



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Perlamar Divine Touch Mask 50 ml

Perlamar Divine Touch is an effective hydrating and anti-aging mask.
It gives a visible effect on reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
The mask helps nourishes deep layers of the skin thanks to its marine minerals enriched formula.
The immediate lifting effect of Perlamar Divine Touch mask gives you smooth and young-looking skin.
• Perlamar Divine Touch mask has an anti-aging effect.
• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
• Nourishes the skin.
• Immediate lifting effect.
• Increases skin's elasticity.
• Hydrates the skin.
• Gives a youthful and radiant appearance.;
Active Ingredients:
• Paracress:
- Provides quick and visible reduction of lines and wrinkles.
- Gives firmer and smoother-looking skin.
- Relaxes the skin.
• Kaolin:
- Detoxifying and cleansing properties.
- Refines skin's pores.
- Calms and soothes the skin.
• Sea Water:
- Rich in marine minerals.
- Cleanses skin pores.
- Hydrates the skin.
- Soothes the skin.
How To Use Perlamar Divine Touch Mask:
• Apply a thin layer of Perlamar Divine Touch Mask on the face, neck, and decollete and let it dry.
• After 10 minutes rinse with water.
• The mask can be applied 1 - 2 times a week.
• Size 50 ml.
• Made in Germany.