Perlamar Pure Marine Silver Edition Milk Sensitive skin 200 ml

Gentle milk cleanser for sensitive skin helps purify and moisturizes the skin.



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Perlamar Pure Marine Silver Edition Milk Sensitive skin 200 ml

Perlamar Pure Marine provides gentle cleansing milk for sensitive skin.
It is rich in natural soothing ingredients to clean the skin without causing irritations.
Perlamar Pure Marine's milky texture prevents skin dryness.
• Perlamar Pure Marine milk cleanser gently cleanses the skin.
• Moisturizes the skin.
• Calms and soothes the skin.;
Active Ingredients:
• Aloe Vera:
- Moisturizes the skin.
- Anti-inflammatory properties.
- Supports the production of collagen.
- Antioxidant effect.
- Soothes the skin and reduces redness.
• Panthenol:
- Improves skin hydration.
- Increase skin elasticity.
- Strengthens the skin barrier.
• Sweet almond oil:
- Moisturizes the skin.
- Improves complexion and skin tone.
- Reduces skin irritation.
• Sea Water:
- Rich in marine minerals.
- Cleanses skin pores.
- Hydrates the skin.
- Soothes the skin.
How To Use Perlamar Pure Marine cleansing milk:
• Apply Perlamar Pure Marine cleansing milk on the face, neck, and decollete with gentle massage then rinse with water.
• Can be used in the morning and evening.
• Size 200 ml.
Made in Germany.