Perlamar Whitener Essence Concentrate 30 ml

An effective whitening concentrate evens skin tone and reduces pigmentation, acne spots, chloasma, and freckles.



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Perlamar Whitener Essence Concentrate 30 ml

Perlamar Whitener Essence Concentrate helps lightens your skin over pigmented skin effectively.
It gives you an even skin tone and reduces pigmentation, acne spots, chloasma, and freckles.
Perlamar Whitener Essence Concentrate reduces melanin, which causes pigmentation in the skin.
• Perlamar Whitener Essence Concentrate evens skin tone.
• Reduces acne scars.
• Moisturizes the skin.
• Promotes skin renewal.
• Gives more bright and radiant skin.
• Reduces signs of aging.;
Active Ingredients:
• Licorice Extract:
- Reduces excess melanin.
- Whitens the skin.
- Potent antioxidant.
- Anti-inflammatory effect.
• Kojic Acid:
- Inhibits the production of melanin.
- Antioxidant effect.
- lightens the skin.
- Reduces skin inflammation.
• Glycerin:
- Moisturizes the skin.
- Improves skin barrier.
- Increases skin elasticity.
• Caviar Extract:
- Ensures optimal skin nutrition.
- Anti-aging effect.
- Prevents collagen and elastin breakdown.
- Antioxidant effect.
• Vitamin C:
- Antioxidant effect.
- Promotes collagen production.
- Lightens dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
- Protects against sun damage.
• Vitamin E:
- Softens skin.
- Protects skin barrier.
- Antioxidant effect.
• Vitamin A:
- Promotes skin renewal.
- Improves skin tone.
- Reduces acne spots.
- Stimulates collagen production.
- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
How To Use Perlamar Whitener Essence Concentrate:
• Apply Perlamar Whitener Essence Concentrate to clean skin in the morning and evening with a gentle massage.
• Size 30 ml.
• Made in Germany.