Pharmaceris E SPF +50 Dermo Protective Mineral Cream 75 ml

Cream with SPF 50+ that deeply moisturizes the skin



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Pharmaceris E SPF +50 Dermo Protective Mineral Cream 75 ml

Dermo Protective Mineral Cream from Pharmaceris with a light on skin formula on the skin and enriched with skin-nourishing oils.
Pharmaceris E cream features an SPF 50+ that gives your skin very high protection from the sun's rays and harmful environmental factors.
It reflects the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun that cause damage and stress skin cells as well as prevents its penetration of the skin.
Protects skin cells from sunburn that causes irritation and redness.

It contains:

Hemp Oil, Avocado Oil, and Canola Oil: Provides deep and long-lasting hydration and strengthens the skin's protective barrier.
Active ingredients:
Avocado oil, Canola oil, Hempseed oil.


• Dermo Protective Mineral Cream Protect the skin against harmful sunlight.
• With SPF +50.
• Pharmaceris E SPF +50 Dermo Protective Mineral Cream deeply hydrates the skin.
• Helps soothe the skin and reduce irritation.

How to use:

• Gently apply a small amount of Pharmaceris cream on the face and body daily 30 minutes before exposure to the sun.
• Reapply the cream every two hours and each time after showering or swimming.

Point of interest:

Pharmaceris E SPF +50 Dermo Protective Mineral Cream is Suitable for adults, babies from the first day of life, and children.
Recommended for dry, sensitive, and atopic skin.
Suitable to use for face and body.
Pharmaceris Protective Mineral Cream is Dermatologically tested.
Safe and effective product.

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Store at room temperature.